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Television Advertising May Help Spur Summer Sales for Auto Dealers

Television Advertising May Help Spur Summer Sales for Auto Dealers

Are you an automotive dealer or used car lot owner whose sales have been in a downward spiral since the first quarter of 2014? If so, you may want to take note of a report that was recently published by the Cable Television Advertising Bureau. It focused on whether or not television advertising is making an impact on auto buyers. Turns out, it does indeed make a difference across many demographics, brands and price points. So with that said, you may want to try launching a regional television advertising campaign to reach potential buyers.

According to the report, buyers tend to spend several months mulling over which vehicles they want to purchase. So if you start now, you may be able to see results in time for the completion of third and fourth quarter sales reports. Based on what else was contained in the organization’s report, it would also be prudent to include vehicle reviews, client testimonials and a website update in your plans too.

At Vistamax Productions, we can help you create automotive ads for cable television, local television, direct response TV, video and internet platforms. We can also create photo stills for media kits and film live events that you may want to have at your car dealership or used car lot. Thus, maintaining a consistent, well-crafted image across all media outlets will not be a problem.

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