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Television Ad Production Services in Florida May Help Lawyers and Firms Compete

Television Ad Production Services in Florida May Help Lawyers and Firms Compete

TV ad productionTelevision Ad Production Services in Florida May Help Lawyers and Firms Compete and business video clips continue to serve marketers well, including those who are responsible for promoting legal services. Earlier this year, the Claims Journal reported that an increasing number of attorneys are finding the two mediums of significant value and we’re not surprised.

A number of marketing resources have been touting the two mediums’ importance for some time now too. Of course Facebook and its new push towards multimedia content, going forward, will play a role in television production as well. So we expect to see the number of attorneys and law firms using multimedia content to promote their services increase in 2016.

At Vistamax Productions, we can help attorneys and law firms of all sizes prepare their multimedia campaign strategies for 2016. Our team can create infomercials, television shows, Facebook clips, Instagram photos and any number of additional resources legal eagles need to get their businesses seen across the nation. And we can handle law firms’ local and regional television production needs as well.

In our experience, law firms and attorneys should design their television production campaigns with reach, platform, audience and frequency in mind. For example, personal injury lawyers may want their television production efforts to include shows that feature interviews or segments with medical professionals stressing the importance of post-accident care. Those shows could be broadcast often around holidays known for their correlation with an increase in personal injuries.

Attorneys who specialize in pharmaceutical cases, on the other hand, may want to take a different route. For instance, they could post and share video clips on Facebook about dangerous drugs, recall notices, cross-contamination problems and chats with druggists. Our team could not only film those segments but potentially help in talent acquisition.

To learn more about how attorneys and law firms are using our television production services to bring attention to important issues, please contact us today 813-907-1010.