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Tampa’s Film & Television Production Industry Kicks Off 2014 with a Bang

Tampa’s Film & Television Production Industry Kicks Off 2014 with a Bang

Baby New Year 2014 wasn’t the only subject that took over Tampa’s headlines in the last few weeks. There was also a lot of activity taking place in Tampa’s film and television production industry. And from what we’ve seen, it’s clear that Florida film crews will be extremely busy in the months ahead.

In quick succession, word was released that multiple filming projects will be taking place in the Yboro City area during the first half of the New Year. On the list is the film The Infiltrator and the Zombie Film Challenge. The first project is anticipated to kick off in March and may attract a good deal of attention. The second project that we noted is slated to begin in February. It is likely to draw in a large number of aspiring television and filmmakers looking to gain exposure and perfect their craft.

On top of that, Tampa has also clearly been on the minds of culinary pros and others seeking to create new TV reality shows. Rumor has it that much of the interest has to do with Tampa’s fabulous restaurants and notable culinary history. At this point, whether or not any of those TV reality shows will actually come to fruition remains to be seen.

What can be counted on is that we stand poised to provide our film and television production assistance to all comers. Our award winning team has more than a decade’s worth of experience in film and television production. So professionalism and the use of best practices are guaranteed. In addition, out-of-towners will have the comfort of knowing that our deeply rooted, industry connections and television production prowess will ensure that they’ll have access to Tampa’s best filming resources.

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