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Tampa Video Production: Assistance Capitalizing on FOX’s Announcement

Tampa Video Production: Assistance Capitalizing on FOX’s AnnouncementVideo production teams in Tampa were buzzing this month over FOX Networks Group’s latest announcement. In case your video marketing team missed it, the television giant floated information to online sources about its intention to open up new advertising markets. The markets mentioned include, but aren’t limited to video-on-demand packages. So what’s this mean for our Tampa video production crews?

Let’s turn to Nielsen’s video on demand articles from last year for some stats, shall we? They show that at least three large, psychographic cohorts are using video on demand for a large percentage of their monthly entertainment needs. So in other words, it would behoove advertisers to consider bolstering their usage of the burgeoning medium the next time a marketing strategy meeting comes around.

What approach to bolstering video on demand advertising should companies take? We can sum up what the strategy should be in three words, “It all depends.” It depends on the company, its objective and target market of course. Accordingly, firms hoping to ride the next advertising wave should make appointments with our key video production team members in Tampa.

They can help translate a firm’s video on demand marketing objectives into quantifiable action plans and results. It all starts where all good marketing plans do, with a hard look at the facts. Hulu, one of the key players mentioned in the FOX plan, recently completed consumer behavior studies on three of the previously mentioned cohorts. They showed that video on demand users between the ages of 15 and 20 enjoy some advertising and will even go as far as sharing it online.

What this tells us is that Tampa video production efforts must consider content shareability at the outset and seek to make it as engaging as possible. Of course there are other insights that may be gleaned from the recent influx of video on demand data too. To learn what those insights are and have our Tampa video production team help craft compatible content, please contact our Central Florida office today.