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Tampa Commercial Production

You can automatically spot a riveting commercial: it makes you stop and look. Either due to an arresting visual, sound, or combination of the two, you’ll stop in your tracks to look at the screen. But that does not make it a successful commercial, which is determined by the takeaway:

  • What do you remember about the company or product?
  • What are your feelings about the company or product after seeing the commercial?
  • How much has the commercial moved you toward buying the product or services advertised?

The fact is, with today’s digital video tools and YouTube, almost anyone can produce riveting shorts that might get millions of views. But that doesn’t make them successful sellers. What does that require? Let’s cover that by looking at a few examples of effective commercials:

Zip It. This is a great commercial, engaging the viewer immediately with humor. It taps into the almost universal frustration of opening plastic packaging without injuring oneself or damaging the product. In a sequence of scenes, it demonstrates the product’s use while a voiceover explains its benefit. It is lighthearted, upbeat, and memorable.

Busch Gardens’ Howl-O-Scream. The combination of graphics, special effects, and old movie stills makes an entertaining visual sequence to accompany the information about this special entertainment. Everything in this commercial works to encourage attendance at a fun family event.

Sacco and Vanzetti Opera. This answers the age-old question of opera companies: how do you draw new patrons? By introducing them to the age-old attractions of opera: Crime, Drama and Controversy. This commercial does not include singing, which might turn away potential attendees before they had a chance to enjoy the live event.

Winning commercials like these come only from production teams with the skill and experience to understand their clients’ needs. Vistamax, your video production specialists based in Tampa, Florida, have the industry expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to create just such a production for your company. Check out our entire portfolio and contact us today.