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Tampa Commercial Production Pros Help Make Live Sports Telecasts Successful

Tampa Commercial Production Pros Help Make Live Sports Telecasts Successful

Tampa Commercial Production Pros Help Make Live Sports Telecasts SuccessfulIn advance of this fall’s major sporting events, we wanted to take a few moments to talk about sports telecasts and how Tampa commercial production fits into the equation. Let’s begin by taking a judicious look at the latest Cable Nation report on the subject. It examines the impact of sporting events on both advertising and consumers’ viewing behaviors.

According to the statistics published within the report, the majority of all live sporting events currently appear on cable television and they generate close to three fourths of all social media conversations. The statistics also indicate that an increasing number of online sports outlets and mobile apps are making it a priority to include the ability to watch live streaming, cable sporting events among their service offerings.

This brings up the question of how successful those moves have been. For a glimpse at that, our Tampa commercial production gurus turned towards resources like Ad Week and Market Watch. They both indicate that ROI results have been mixed. Factors that have been contributing to the differences in effectiveness are actual cost, perceived value, video streaming quality and subject matter.

Let’s face it, some sports are about as exciting as watching someone scrape barnacles off of their boat at the TCC dock. Others, as our Tampa commercial production team knows full well, have a tendency to speed up respiration and quicken the pulse. The list of ones that tend to do well on cable television includes NASCAR, soccer, NCAA football, NBA, major league baseball and golf.

So how does Vistamax fit into the televised sports equation? To begin with, our Tampa commercial production team can help ensure that the live stream is of the utmost of quality. Understandably, that alone would help give advertisers a better chance at reaching their ROI benchmarks. We can also create social media sharable content like photo stills, sports documentaries, video clips and commercials. To learn more about putting our experts at the helm of your next live sports production in Tampa, please contact us today