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Tampa Commercial Production Firm Discusses New Tools

Tampa Commercial Production Firm Discusses New Tools

Being longtime members of the Tampa commercial production industry, we take great interest in news that pertains to television advertising. That’s why we took notice of Twitter and Comcast Corporation’s latest offerings.

According to a post on the social media’s own website, the company is now offering TV conversation targeting. It is just the latest addition to its pre-existing TV targeting suite. Essentially, the targeting program will allow marketers to directly reach viewers with a history of commenting on, and following, various television shows via Twitter.

As a Tampa commercial production firm, we recognize the importance of this service. If used correctly, it has the potential to solidify brand identity, increase ROI and much more. For example, television advertisers could use the service to start conversations about a celebrity spokesperson or push a show related product.

It should also be mentioned that Twitter isn’t the only online entity that recognizes the value of combining television advertising and online advertising efforts either. A recent Wall Street Journal article pointed out that many online companies understand the medium’s strength too.

One of television advertising’s biggest strengths nowadays is that it drives online engagement and vice versa. So much so that people are always looking for new ways to harness its power. TakeComcast Corporation’s latest offerings as an example. The company is presently giving advertisers a chance to swap out ads placed within on-demand, TV broadcast programming with new ones. In doing so, they’ve added unprecedented flexibility to television ad campaigns and extended the value of commercial productions.

At Vistamax Productions we stand ready to help advertisers  take advantage of these latest tools of the trade. Our suite of commercial production services in Tampa includes options to create SD, HD and web friendly formats. To learn more about our Tampa commercial production services, please contact us at (813) 907-1010. Quote requests may also be made through our Vistamax Productions’ website, e-mail or Facebook page.