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Tampa Commercial Production: A Brief Look at What’s Hot in Broadcasting

Tampa Commercial Production: A Brief Look at What’s Hot in Broadcasting

In April 2014, the National Association of Broadcasters held their annual show in Vegas. As our Tampa commercial production team noted, one of the ongoing trends on everyone’s lips was 4K TV. It ranked right up there with other industry buzz words like virtual sets, 3D software, 2D-to-3D conversions, large sensor cameras and multicamera production.

4K TV, or UHD TV, is expected to continue to take hold in the months ahead. Part of the reason behind its rising popularity is clearly the incredibly high resolution involved. But will consumers fully embrace it on a widespread basis by the end of 2014? No one knows for certain. However, all signs seem to point to an affirmative answer.

After all, as a whole, the UHD TV format has a lot going for it besides the pixels. Tampa production companies are quick to point out that it also helps with color extension, frame rates, contrast dynamics and more. In addition, the ever developing technology may also give rise to even larger HD panels than the mammoth 84-inch units that are already on the marketplace today.

Hey, you never know. Nonetheless, can you just imagine what it would be like to kick back in your home and watch something on a screen that’s 84-inches? Apparently some consumers are already enjoying as much. Although the more widely purchased sizes nowadays tend to be in the range of 50 to 55-inches.

Of course watching television in 4K isn’t all that those early adopters are doing. They are also experimenting with UHD gaming, movies, internet browsing, webcasting, Skyping and so much more. Understandably, that means an increasing number of television commercials, corporate videos, live switching, TV shows and other products will need to be made in, or converted into, 4K compatible formats.

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