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Steps to Your Video Production in Tampa

Steps to Your Video Production in TampaToday, more than ever, businesses realize how important video is to their marketing strategy. In fact, at a Digital Summit in Dallas recently the panel concluded that in just a few short years 90% of all content would be video. That’s an astounding amount of video and an indication that businesses that are using this medium will be ahead of the competition. Video has the potential to convert viewers like no other medium. However, it’s not simply having video content that makes the difference, but a persuasive video that will win the hearts of the viewers. So, just what goes into producing a successful video? From the planning stages through the final production, video production services in Tampa are a work of art. Here is a snapshot of the process.

Planning stage

The pre-production stage involves developing the creative idea for the video, deciding what images or storyline will best convey the concept, and writing the script. The planning stage is where an idea and creativity merge to create a script. The artists must determine what type of mood will best convey the message. Next, the perfect location and talent are determined. This is critical to the success of the production. You want a setting that highlights the mood and attitude of the production and talent who will bring the scene to life.

Production stage

Shooting the video is more than just filming the characters saying their parts. Stage crew must prep the cast, tend to the lighting, and position objects appropriately to ensure the best visual effect is achieved.


After shooting the video, editors get hard to work to enhance the production. Using music, animations, stock pictures, graphics, and more, the producers integrate the elements into a work of art. Not every video will have the same elements. Some need more conversation; others may need more music in the background. The editors who finalize the production know how to find the right balance to make the video persuasive.

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