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Show Love to Your Firm’s TV Ad Production Schedule Before Valentine’s Day

Show Love to Your Firm’s TV Ad Production Schedule Before Valentine’s Day

Show Love to Your Firm’s TV Ad Production Schedule Before Valentine’s Day Last year, our country’s number crunchers estimated that Americans would spend more than $36 billion dollars on Valentine’s Day related festivities. Although it was down slightly from the year before, a variety of businesses made out like kissing bandits. Among them were gourmet grocery stores, restaurants, gift retailers, movie theaters, video rental companies and night clubs. The top cupids on the list, however, were gift retailers. By all accounts, they received more than 50% of romantic Americans’ hard-earned dollars, which begs one question:

Will Americans spend around the same this year? We can’t say for sure just yet but there’s no reason to take chances. After all, people have been celebrating the holiday in one way or another since the rise of the Roman Empire. That said, now’s the time for all romance-focused businesses to show a little love to their TV ad production schedules. Otherwise, it may be too late to capture couples’ adoring eyes.

Granted, there are those that wait until the last minute to buy their lovers gifts but history has shown that the number of procrastinators is decreasing, especially among men. As a matter of fact, multiple surveys completed in 2014 showed that the guys were more apt to open their wallets wide in anticipation of the romantic holiday than the ladies were. So understandably, they would be a good market to target with a combination of television advertising and other forms of media.

At Vistamax® Productions, we can help an array of romance worthy businesses reach starry-eyed lovers in time for the Valentine’s Day 2015 shopping season. However, it is imperative to act now. That way, there is ample time to make it through the entire TV ad production process. With enough leeway, we can also help those very same businesses create still photos, graphic designs, animation shorts and infomercials of all durations that tie into their personalized, Valentine’s Day television ads. Plus, if they’re hosting a live Valentine’s Day weekend event, our Florida video crew can film that too. In all likelihood, it would make great fodder for next year’s television ad campaign. To learn more and create a romantic campaign that today’s couples will surely love, please contact us today 813-907-1010.