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Revamp Your Television Advertisement: Keep It Moving and Keep It Bright

Revamp Your Television Advertisement: Keep It Moving and Keep It Bright

Revamp Your Television Advertisement: Keep It Moving and Keep It BrightTelevision advertising is one of those forms of marketing which has been around for a long time. As a result, there have been many developments in it. People keep coming up with new and improved television ads for their brands.

So if you want your television advertisement to be noticed, you have to make it really special and original. You have to be more creative and professional. And you also have to keep varying it from time to time so that people don’t get tired of seeing the same advertisement.

Revamp Your Brand

Most established companies have a recognizable brand. But as time goes on, that brand may need to be revamped a little bit to fit in with the changing times. What was appealing to a certain age group ten years ago isn’t going to be appealing to them now. So you have to consider what people are attracted by and make an effort to include that in the advertisement.

Keep It Moving

Another thing that you need to do in TV advertisements is maintain a fast pace. You have to keep varying the angle from which the viewer will see the subject. You have to keep people moving, talking and doing things in order to give the viewer more mental stimulation.

A TV ad should be like a shot of espresso—small but aromatic and mentally refreshing. Your viewer needs to go away from it with the idea of doing something or taking some action.

Keep It Bright

You may have noticed that different videos have different color palettes. Some directors prefer to use muted colors while others prefer to go bright (think Tarantino). But when it comes to a TV advertisement, you don’t really have that much of a choice. If you don’t keep it bright, you’re not going to keep your viewer’s attention.

That said, you still have a choice between various bright palettes. You can go with spring colors like pink, green and blue or you can go with autumn colors like auburn and gold. No matter what type of colors you use, just remember to keep them saturated if you want your advertisement to make a lasting impression.

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