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Recognizing the Unsung Heroes of Moviemaking—The Post Production Team

Recognizing the Unsung Heroes of Moviemaking—The Post Production TeamWhen you think about making a film or a video, what are the things that come to mind? Probably a script, to begin with. Then you’ll need to get actors for your shoot as well as a director. You’ll also need a location for the shoot and a cinematographer. You’ll need a sound person and props. With these elements in place, you’re ready to begin.

Post Production

Once the shooting is done, that’s when the real work begins. A film or a video comes together only during the post production process. This is when the editing team sits down with the scenes that have been shot and decide what should be used and what shouldn’t. In addition, they also need to decide how long each shot is going to be.

Extra Footage

While the film is being shot, the director will knowingly produce a lot more footage than necessary. Did you know that for Apocalypse Now, Francis Ford Coppola shot near 200 hours of footage? And eventually, the film was cut down to 2 hours 27 minutes. It boggles the mind!

We’re not trying to suggest that you should also shoot hundreds of hours of footage for your film or video. But there is always going to be some extra footage and this is a good thing. It gives the post production team more to choose from.

Cutting and Pasting

A good post production team will easily be able to pinpoint the best shots—the clearest, most cinematic ones. And then, it’s just a matter of cutting them to the right length and pasting them back to back while maintaining the narrative flow.

Background Music

During the post-production process, you can also add background music, which does so much to influence the moods of the viewers. A shot which seems blank and uninteresting without music can become romantic, suspenseful or even comedic with the right background music.

Unsung Heroes

So the post production team consists of the unsung heroes of moviemaking. Let’s all recognize their important contribution and give them the credit they deserve. Contact us for more great tips on post production in Tampa.