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Real Estate Video Production Services…Immerse Potential Buyers in the Dream

Real Estate Video Production Services…Immerse Potential Buyers in the Dream

It all begins with a dream…a spark of hope and desire in a buyer’s heart. They ponder, wonder and plan. Can they really find a property that will encompass everything they’ve envisioned in their mind’s eye?

High-quality, professional real estate marketing videos are the bridge from dream to reality…and from potential buyers to you.

Static descriptions and stale marketing materials won’t connect with sophisticated buyers who are tech-savvy and time-challenged. They need you to manifest right before their eyes all they’ve dreamt of. To show them it really does exist and immerse them in the dream.

Consider this:

Recently-released data from comScore Video Metrix service (a leader in measuring the digital world) showed that in the course of 1 month, 181 million U.S. Internet users watched more than 39 billion online content videos and viewed 9.4 billion video ads.

Also, a 2012 study by the National Association of Realtors of over 8,500 recent home buyers indicated that:

  • 86% – viewed real estate videos to find out more about a specific community,
  • 70% – to tour the inside of a home,
  • 54% – to obtain general information while shopping for a home,
  • 44% – to compare features across multiple real estate companies,
  • and a full 25% viewed real estate videos to decide which real estate company to purchase through.

As you can see, the ability to reach potential buyers through real estate videos is virtually boundless and enables you to envelop them in the sights, sounds, ambiance and emotions of their dream property and help them move from “I wonder if…” to “That’s it!” as they visualize themselves there.

Whether via tablets, smartphones, social media, websites, TV or the next-best-thing, the Real Estate Video Production Services from Vistamax will position you to leverage the multi-faced world of media that buyers embrace.

View our Real Estate Video Portfolio, then contact us and let us help you immerse potential buyers in the dream.