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Ready to Go Native? Tampa’s Best Television Production Companies May Help

Ready to Go Native? Tampa’s Best Television Production Companies May Help

Ready to Go Native? Tampa’s Best Television Production Companies May HelpNative advertising, it is something that many people are approaching Tampa television production companies about these days. But what precisely is it and why should businesses of all sizes care? The Interactive Advertising Bureau previously published an excellent guide that answers those two questions in great detail. It’s a little dated, but you’ll find a downloadable copy of it by clicking here. Today, we’re just going to lightly brush over the basics as it applies to Tampa’s advertising market:

Television production companies in Tampa are creating native videos that marketers may use to feed their firms’ respective sales funnels and increase brand awareness. Once the TV production firms create the native videos, marketers are frequently able to use standard metrics, including lift and conversion percentages, to gauge their campaigns’ success.

However, it’s important to choose native video formats that fit the correct, social media platforms. The same may be said for cable and satellite television formats. An excellent example of the format issues we’re referring to was addressed in a recent AdWeek article by writer, Jason Lynch. Lynch pointed out a definitive shift towards editorial style pieces. But are editorial style videos right for everyone?

Experienced television production companies know that the answer is “No, editorial style videos will not work for all industries.” As a matter of fact, the videos’ ability to blur the boundaries between news, advertising pitches and editorial pieces may actually get some firms into hot water.” The hot water, per se, generally relates back to disclosure laws. As such, Tampa’s producers must be aware of FTC’s native advertising guidelines and so should firms hoping to put the medium to work.

To learn more about television advertising companies capable of successfully working within native advertising’s legal boundaries, please contact Vistamax® Productions’ producers today. Our team has been very successful at assisting clients’ with their native advertising needs and are poised to help.