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Professionalism and Branding in Business Video Production

Professionalism and Branding in Business Video ProductionIn a business video, it’s important to project the correct company image. Even if the video is only going to be used in-house, it should still reflect your brand.

Some videos are used within the company for training purposes. Others serve as introductions to members of the company or company services for potential clients or business associates. But no matter what type of business video you’re making, it’s important for it to be professional and to expres your brand.


A business video is different from other types of videos such as TV commercials, music videos, reality TV etc. One of the ways in which it’s different is that it has to be a little more formal. Everyone in the video needs to be professionally dressed. They need to speak in a professional way. The environment in the which the video is shot needs to be a professional one.

Yes, it’s possible that keeping everything too formal might make it stuffy. So you can introduce an element of the casual as well, especially if this fits in with your company image. If you want to project an image which is youthful, hip and exuberant, then you won’t go with this extremely formal look. At the same time, you can’t be completely casual, as you would in a music video which is being shot in Ibiza! So you have to walk a fine line.


Apart from the professionalism which needs to be part of the video, you should also think about your company brand and how you can express it through the video. Does your company pride itself on its great customer service? In that case, the video should express that. People in the video should adopt the same courteous, patient and willing-to-help manner that your customer service representatives use.

Or maybe you pride yourself on your innovation. In that case, your video should also have that feeling of excitement and enthusiasm that innovation brings. Maybe you can also include an element of innovation in the making of the video.

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