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People Care About Authenticity in Advertising

People Care About Authenticity in Advertising

People Care About Authenticity in AdvertisingIf you want to make a commercial for your business, don’t forget to prioritize authenticity. It may seem obvious, but sometimes companies prioritize trying to make the next viral ad instead of caring about staying true to their company’s mission and values.

Stay True to Your Company’s Mission

You know your business’s mission inside and out. You care about what message your advertising delivers and who it caters to.  In a commercial, don’t pretend to be something you’re not. Don’t compromise your message to try to appeal to young people on Instagram if that is not really who your brand is for. Getting your message to as many people as you can is important, but if the result is a commercial that doesn’t properly reflect your brand, people will see right through it. Keeping your company’s mission and values in mind, a good production company will create a captivating, memorable, and most importantly, authentic, commercial that stays true to your brand.

Use Real Customers, Not “Real” Customers

Authenticity is a sixth sense. Even through a TV screen, people can sense when something is genuine or not. Can’t you tell when a singer is lip-syncing or when someone is relying on a teleprompter? Something about the performance or delivery is off. Some authenticity is missing, especially if the person is pretending to not be relying on outside help. There are valid reasons why singers lip-sync on live TV, but the audience does not like to be lied to.

People not only can spot when something is not authentic, but they are also used to it. From overly staged “reality” TV shows to commercials that have overly coached their “real” customers, people have grown accustomed to misleading messages. After watching a commercial, people should not be left wondering if the “real customers” were actually real customers. Instead, they should feel the authenticity. A business should ask themselves why they would go through the process of using a real customer’s reaction if that person is so overly coached on the perfect thing to say that it doesn’t even feel genuine to the viewer anymore. What sounds like a perfect testimonial to a sales team is different from what feels like a perfect testimonial to a potential customer.

Find a Production Company that Values Your Authenticity

A good production company should guide you through this process. They should value your authentic mission and company values. They should ask you the right questions to get to know your brand. If you want a real testimonial in your commercial, your production company should uphold this request for authenticity.

Contact Vistamax, a full-service creative studio in Tampa, Florida, to discuss creating an authentic advertisement for your business. We promise to stay true to your brand mission and values. As we like to say, “This isn’t about us, it’s about you.”