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Marketing In A Minute: Easy Tips For Success

Marketing In A Minute: Easy Tips For SuccessA good marketing strategy doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. A few key concepts will help you find success marketing your small business. A consistent message and a variety of mixed media will help grow your business easily and effectively.


In marketing, consistency is a key concept.  If your business is open every week, you need to be advertising every week. Why? Because each and every week – there are customers shopping. If you’re not advertising, they’re not hearing about your business. And worse, they’re probably hearing about some else’s.

Being consistent doesn’t mean spending a ton of money either. You can efficiently put a marketing plan together that fits your business budget. Think of consistency like swimming upstream…if you stop, you actually go backward. And when your competition keeps going, you can fall behind and lose customers- quickly. It’s important for your business to be “top of mind”. In other words, you want your customers to think of your business first when they need your product or service…not the “other guy”.

So make a plan and be consistent. Get consistency, and get success.

Media Mix

Media mix is also important. The goal of the business is to reach as many potential customers as possible.  You need to use many mediums to maximize your potential results. Radio, print, TV, transit ads, digital, social media, event marketing and more…put them all together in advertising, and that’s Media mix. Many customers are in many different places- so your ads need to be as well.

Do you have a good media mix? Is your media mix structured and allocated properly? Most importantly, does all your media work together- with synergy and in sync to play together harmoniously like a fine orchestra? It needs to, and it does when executed properly with a great media mix.

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