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Making a Television Advertisement Which Has Both, Sizzle and Steak

Making a Television Advertisement Which Has Both, Sizzle and SteakYou may have heard that someone or something is “all sizzle and no steak.” What this idiom generally means is that that person or thing looks striking on the face of it, but it isn’t that effective. For example, you may see a television advertisement that strikes you as bold, attractive, visually powerful and creative. But it may not make you want to run out and buy the thing that’s being advertised.

Gear Your Advertisement Towards the Right Demographic

If you want to make sure that your television advertisement has both, sizzle as well as steak, make sure that it’s targeting the right demographic. If your product generally appeals to middle-aged people, then the ad should look appealing to them. If your product is geared towards women, then come up with an ad that women will like to look at. This will make sure that your ad looks visually appealing and is also effective.

Make Your Ad More Informational and Less Promotional

If the ad looks like it’s trying very hard to promote the product, then the customer might get a little suspicious, even if the product is, indeed, very good. Instead, an advertisement ought to look natural, as if it’s just trying to give you information or tell you the truth. It should tell the customer more about the product and how they can improve their life by using it.

Make Your Advertisement More Relatable for the Viewer

When someone’s looking at an advertisement, they want to see someone who resembles them in some way. For example, women want to see women, men want to see men, teenagers want to see teenagers, senior citizens want to see senior citizens and so on. People don’t necessarily want to see perfect models whose lifestyles they would never be able to emulate. So it’s a good idea to portray a more realistic lifestyle in your television advertisement; this will make it more relatable for the viewer.

Making an Ad Which Is Both, Sizzle and Steak

If you’re trying to make a television advertisement which is both, sizzle and steak, think from the customer’s point of view and come up with a script that’s honest and natural-sounding. Don’t think of an advertisement as a business pitch in which you’re trying to convince the other person. Think of it as a conversation between friends who just happen to be sharing interesting information.

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