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Lighting Expertise is an Important Element in Video Production

Lighting Expertise is an Important Element in Video Production

Lighting Expertise is an Important Element in Video ProductionAlmost anyone can buy a video camera, but for professional results, no matter how expensive the camera, quality video production takes know-how. Before you run to buy the latest high-tech gadget, remember that quality video production in Florida requires the knowledge of professionals.

One element that is rarely understood by amateurs is the importance of lighting on a production. For example, video shot in daylight with the sun overhead is harsh and high-contrast. Expressions on faces lack subtlety and the actors or speakers will seem cold. Professionals know that with back and side lighting, that harshness is diffused with softness. With the differences in lighting, a wooden, forced scene can become an emotionally important, visually appealing one.

Similarly, if a production requires specific moods–romance, warm happy home, glamour–that requires different sorts of lighting, and may require filters or diffusion frames, or different kinds of lights for work indoors.

Depending on the composition of the scene, lighting can make a mood happy or sad, warm or energized. When and how to apply different types of lighting to different shots and angles for maximum effect is the work of professionals with years of experience. No matter the bells and whistles and gadgets on cameras, the end product shows–the viewer may not be able to say why a production is cheap, but he or she can always tell.

Many elements combine to make a great video: the script, the actors, the messaging, the pace and the editing, the cinematography. Lighting is one of the important ways that a professional production can be distinguished from the work of amateurs.

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