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Let’s Talk About Frequency

Let's Talk About Frequency

You Budget Won’t Allow You To Advertise Everywhere

No business has enough money in the world to purchase all the available air time, across all the television stations to advertise. Similarly, you can’t be all things to all demographics. You will have to be selective and precise about choosing programming that speaks to your core audience. Identifying your customer personas will help you in this process and allow you to be smart about selecting those two to three dayparts that make sense. With a narrow buy of programming, your budget will allow you to increase your frequency in those dayparts and maximize your impressions. Your impressions, or number of views by demographic, will compound exponentially.

Your Message Needs To Be Seen More Than Once

Running an ad during the Super Bowl might gain recognition, but it will be short lived. To reinforce your advertising message, it’s best to make sure your audience sees your message more than once. Loading up on a narrow programming buy will allow your commercial to run multiple times, thus creating a top of mind awareness about your business or message.

The good news is, you have a friend in the television advertising business. Let us help you navigate the process to help make the most of your advertising dollars by producing a message ideal for a frequency ad buy. contact us today!