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Is Direct Response TV Right For Your Product? 3 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself

Is Direct Response TV Right For Your Product? 3 Questions You Need To Ask YourselfIf you’ve ever seen a commercial for a product that you could buy over the phone, then you’ve seen direct response TV. And while that can be a beneficial showcase for you, especially if your product doesn’t have the brand or recognition to be noticed on the shelf in a more traditional store, it works better for some products than it does for others. So, before you put all your advertising chips onto direct response TV, you should ask yourself a few questions.

Questions like…

#1: Can You Visually Show The Benefits of Your Product?

Television is a visual medium, and if you want to make an impression on your audience then your product needs to be something that can be seen. If you think about the sorts of products that are most successful with direct response (hair products, weight loss, car wax and scratch remover, etc.) they’re almost always things that you can see working.

#2: Is It Something Everyone Can Use?

As Entrepreneur points out, you want as many people who see your time slot to have a need for your product as possible. If your product is incredibly niche, or it’s not something that a lot of people watching could ever see a need for, then it’s not going to get much of a response. However, if it serves a relatively common need, then you’ll likely find it’s quite popular.

#3: How Unique Is It?

The final consideration you have to keep in mind is whether your product is something people have never seen before, or if it’s just a different version of something that’s commonly available at the corner store. If you want people to react, and to call the number on their screen, you need to be able to give them a novel solution they can actually use… otherwise your audience is going to tune-out.

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