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Introducing an Element of Novelty to Your Television Production

Introducing an Element of Novelty to Your Television Production

Introducing an Element of Novelty to Your Television ProductionOne thing that many people are looking for in television shows is novelty. This is the way that the human brain is wired. It produces feel-good chemicals whenever you expose it to something new and interesting.

But given the vast number of television shows out there, how do you make sure that yours is unique in some way? You may end up repeating many different elements from other shows. After all, there’s no such thing as a completely unique storyline. However, there are still other things that you can do in order to introduce that element of novelty to your TV show.


You may not know this but, in the beginning of her career, Sarah Jessica Parker never got leading roles. She was always cast as the lead’s best friend. Maybe she didn’t exactly fit the mold; she was not considered conventionally beautiful. But at some point, someone decided to cast her in the leading role and now, we know her best as Carrie from Sex and the City.

So it’s a good idea to introduce some novelty in your TV show by casting someone who looks different and who may not be conventionally good-looking. As long as you believe in that person and their acting skills, you can cast them in your show.


You can also speak to your videographer about how you can make your video more interesting. Should you get more long shots or close ups? Can you shoot from some interesting angles? Can you use more handhelds? You can take a chance and introduce novelty in your videography.


It’s also possible to include some interesting, even exotic, locations that will give a sense of novelty to your TV show. Think about shooting in a location which has not been used before. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a faraway location; it could even be somewhere close by, such as an abandoned church in your city or a beautiful place in the local countryside. As long as you haven’t seen that location in other videos, it could be a good choice.

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