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Informational vs. Promotional TV Commercial Production

Informational vs. Promotional TV Commercial Production

Informational vs. Promotional TV Commercial ProductionWhen you’re shooting a TV commercial, you might feel stuck between providing information and promoting your brand. And you often have to make a choice between these two aims. Certain commercials go with a more informative approach e.g. pharmaceutical commercials in which the effects of a certain medication are explained.

But there are other commercials where the viewer is already quite familiar with the product. For example, you don’t have to tell a viewer what Coke or Pepsi taste like; they already know. In such cases, it makes more sense to go with a promotional approach.

Informational and Promotional Commercials

Most commercials try to do a little bit of both; they provide information as well as promote the product.

For example, imagine a commercial where one woman with good skin is telling another woman with skin problems about a great new cream or face wash. She might go into what the face wash is made of and whether it has any natural ingredients. She might also go into whether it was tested on animals or not. And she might explain how to use it. All this provides the viewer with information.

But seeing the results of the product on the face of the woman is a promotional tactic which is also used in this commercial. Plus, it uses ideas of attractiveness and female bonding which are also designed to appeal to the audience.

Toning Down Your Promotional Content

So when you’re thinking about shooting a new TV commercial, think about whether you want to go with an informational approach or a promotional approach. And make sure you communicate this with your scriptwriter and your production team.

Also keep in mind that TV viewers have become very savvy with the passage of time. So they often respond with cynicism to commercials which are overtly promotional in nature. Obviously the aim of any commercial is to help to sell a certain product or service. But you can also achieve this aim in a more subtle manner rather than hitting your viewer over the head with it.

Create a general sense of wellbeing around the use of the product and your viewer will be more likely to believe you than if you exaggerate its effects.

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