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Infomercial Production: Are Your Spots Ready for the Next Big Thing?

Infomercial Production: Are Your Spots Ready for the Next Big Thing?

According to a recent article by Investor Place’s Assistant Editor, John Divine, online giant,, is looking to enter a realm our Vistamax® Production team knows well. It’s infomericals. Of course infomercial production is not new but the way the spots have been used by advertisers and shoppers alike have changed over the decades.

In the article, Divine postulated that the company would use the format in a way that many of us have seen before as well as perhaps take it a step further. If he is correct, we may see the rise of subscription based infomericals in the not so distance future. What an interesting concept. People paying to both watch and air infomercials online. What do you think of Divine’s predictions? We’re interested to know.

Here at Vistamax®, our infomercial production team feels that his predictions have merit. However, we feel that the feasibility of people being willing to pay for the privilege of watching infomercials hinges largely on production quality and content. In our expert opinion, the live shows must have something to offer potential consumers besides classic “buy me – buy me” shtick.

The fact is, the majority of today’s consumers are far beyond being swayed by slick, in-your-face pleas for their purchasing dollars. They typically want something far greater than that for their precious resources. Forbes contributor, Micah Solomon helped point that out to the public in an article late last year. He cited a need for marketers to be genuine and not glib. Personally, our infomercial production team agrees with that assessment.

While it is important for all advertisers to put their best, shiny faces forward, their actions must be in alignment with everything else. To learn more about creating live infomercials that would speak to the Amazon crowd, please contact us at Vistamax® Productions today for a consultation 813-907-1010.