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Infomercial Producers Urge Advertisers to Use Lytle’s Story as a Reminder

Infomercial Producers Urge Advertisers to Use Lytle’s Story as a ReminderIn late April 2018, infomercial producers everywhere were no doubt sad to learn the fate of Robert Lytle. Known as a dominant player in the infomercial world, the octogenarian witnessed his legendary empire get rocked to the core this year as he came up on criminal charges related to his advertising practices. In the end, Lytle was convicted of the alleged crimes. Sad as it is, Lytle’s story should also serve as a cautionary reminder to others.

Our infomercial producers understand that maintaining truth is advertising is paramount, not just from a criminal perspective but from a moral one. As such, we’d like to remind everyone thinking of making an infomercial to remember the rules. In Lytle’s case, he was making medical claims about a product. These claims, in part, put him afoul of FDA rules.

FDA rules, as sites like are quick to point out, have the potential to confuse laymen. Was the 80+ year old confused about the rules? Critics of the man say he was not but we’re not here to discuss that issue in detail. Instead, what we’d like to stress is the importance of reviewing FDA rules before starting infomercial production.

Each product category has its own rules but a general breakdown of the laws may be found posted on the Federal Trade Commission’s website. After reading the general guidelines, advertisers that still have concerns about the legality of their infomercial verbiage may want to consider consulting with an attorney. Our full-service, infomercial production company staff may be able to assist them with locating one in the Tampa Bay area.

In addition, we may be able to help them scout for a location or suitable spokespeople capable of assisting with the promotion of a given product or service.  To learn more about using infomercial producers to truthfully sell medical or other devices to the television public, please contact our Vistamax Team today.