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Infomercial Producers in FL Discuss the Latest Hullabaloo Over Recent Spots

Infomercial Producers in FL Discuss the Latest Hullabaloo Over Recent Spots

Infomercial Producers in FL DiscussHoly Shamwow! Have you seen all of the latest hullabaloo about infomercials? There was the viral Too Many Cooks number that initially appeared on Adult Swim and the University of Akron’s pitches to students that started the discussions rolling. They were followed by the City of Derby-Terry Bradshaw flap and the announcement about Ben Carson’s introductory spot. Our infomercial producers couldn’t help but notice and appreciate how many ways people are using the medium to communicate these days.

At one time, you’d be hard pressed to find the popular commercial spots selling anything other than kitchen gadgets, cleaning supplies and real estate. Nowadays, as you can tell by the headlines, they’re being used to promote everything from a person’s sense of humor to political candidates. Of course that also changes the way infomercials are produced. For example, at one time it was unheard of to produce an infomercial without a strong call to action and contact information. However, spots like Too Many Cooks have shown that those rules no longer apply. So now infomercials may be used purely for entertainment too.

At Vistamax® Productions, our infomercial producers are up for making whatever type of spot advertisers want or need. We’ve got the team in place needed to take an advertiser’s random idea from pre-production straight through to post. Plus, we’re always willing to work with firms or individuals that already have a complete vision in place too. To see a sampling of productions we’ve worked on the past, just ask or take a moment to explore our online portfolio.

It’s also good to note that unlike some other infomercial producers out there, we live up to our promises. So there’s no chance that you’ll end up caught in the type of negative or embarrassing situations that involve bait-and-switch spokespeople. To learn more about our services and the equipment that we use to create some of the best infomercials in the country, please contact us today 813-907-1010.