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Infomercial Producers Celebrate Helms’ Chuckle-Worthy Look at Their Craft

In late 2017, infomercial producers across the nation couldn’t help but raise their glasses in celebration of actor, Ed Helms. Why Ed Helms? Simply stated, “He brought renewed attention to their craft.” That’s right, Helms starred in a recent movie named after what is perhaps one of the most iconic spots ever to air on television.

Yes, we’re talking about “The Clapper.” Released in January 2018, it has nothing to do with the iconic product and everything to do with infomercials. One of TIME Magazine’s All-Time 100 Gadgets, the product has been boasting record sales since the 1980s. The movie, on the other hand, wasn’t released until late January 20178. Accordingly, we have no idea how well it will ultimately do at the box office.

It partially focuses on the talent brought in to assist with infomercial production, which is something our in-house team of television experts knows well. They’ve been helping clients satisfy their infomercial talent needs since the 1990s. It’s all part of our large suite of infomercial production services, which we’ll mention again later.

Of course Helms isn’t the only one drawing attention to infomercial producers’ venerable craft. The funny film also stars such notables as Leah Remini and the late Alan Thicke. Thicke, by the way, also ironically starred in an infomercial back in the early 2000s. The spot focused on a tooth whitening system and it wasn’t the only commercial he starred in over the years, but we digress. Let’s get back to the reaction of infomercial producers.

They are obviously hoping that the film will be a raging success, thus sparking an increase in infomercial projects. And it’s not an unreasonable expectation given the history of success attached to infomercials as a whole. As Digital Journal’sreporters have previously pointed out, sales generated by those types of ads collectively total in the billions.

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