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Important Factors To Consider When Planning For DRTV Production Advertisement

Direct Response Television refers to any television marketing that seeks to get instant responses from the prospective client, usually involving calling a toll-free telephone number or visiting the company’s website or even sending an SMS message. The main purpose of this production is to develop an immediate and specific action while providing a response that is measurable from the action.

Since most companies are embarking on using this kind of advertisement to reach out to a wide range of their would-be customers, it is imperative that, as a marketer, you make a difference by realizing your objectives. Before choosing Direct Response Television marketing, you need to consider the following;

1.     Budget Allocation for DRTV

You need to have a definite budget before you start doing any type of marketing. Since DRTV involves media houses, you will have to figure out the cost of airing your advertisement, which will in turn determine the frequency with which your advertisement will be aired. Knowing your budget range will enable you to choose the best DRTV production company that suits your budget.

2.     Target Audience

Knowing your target audience is very key to avoiding hitting a miss in terms of advertising.  This will help you select the TV channels and timing of premiering your advertisement. It will also help you to know what time to air your advertisement attracts more viewership, hence. Hence, an important factor to discuss with your DRTV production company.

3.     DRTV Media Strategy

You need to plan your channels and other factors before moving on with the advertisement. With the help of your DRTV production company, you need to know the channels to use in your advertisement and the frequency at which they will appear. A good marketer will need to know that good marketing does not depend on how many times an advert has been shown on a channel, but how many channels have aired their advertisement, as this increases the scope of viewership.

4.     Urgent Call to Action

In order to push your customers to a conversation, you need to capture their impulse during DRTV production by adding a call to action to your advertisement. With the difference in your target group, you need to come up with a call for actions that suit your target, like links leading them to your products, QR codes or phone numbers.

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