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How to Use FUD In Television Advertising

How to Use FUD In Television AdvertisingFear, Uncertainty and Doubt, or FUD, is a common marketing and advertising tactic. It can be used in any advertising format but is especially effective in television advertising. Here are the three steps to take in order to increase sales by using FUD.

Identify Your Target Audience’s FUD

Your product has a purpose. This purpose is to alleviate suffering or bring about pleasure. Thus, your target audience’s FUD is the fear of suffering or the fear of missing out on a certain pleasure. However, it’s more than that. People interested in your product also have FUD about how effective your product is. They are naturally uncertain about whether your product does what it says it does, and they have doubts about whether it is worth their money. Identify the main concerns people have about your kind of product; this is also their FUD.

Set Yourself Aside From The Competition

Your next step is to set yourself aside from your competition by increasing your audience’s FUD about your competitors’ products. You should be subtle about it; for example, your ad can proclaim that with your unique antivirus software, users know they are safe from ransomware. This implies that nobody can be secure of that fact when using a competitor’s antivirus software.

Alleviate Your Own FUD

Finally, alleviate your audience’s FUD about your own product. Address how your product is a solution to their suffering. Address any fears they may have about your product’s efficiency. Remove any fear, uncertainty and doubt they may have about your product.

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