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How to Tell Your Story Through TV Ads

Your company is great, you make great products, and you have great customer service, but how do you get the rest of the world to see you the same way. Try television advertising. Now, some people may be nervous about television ads because of the recent “cutting the cord” movement. However, the format for advertising on the alternatives to traditional television is comparable, and many traditional cable providers have agreements with these alternative options.

So, how do you capitalize on this advertising outlet? Simply paying to put pictures of your company up on your local or national television stations is not enough to garner business, you have to have a message. This is where a company like Vistamax can be invaluable. You know what makes your company amazing, but sometimes it’s difficult to put that into a cohesive message that translates well in video. As you begin to develop your video marketing strategy, here are some things to consider.

1. Identify Your Strengths

Your company is unique. Even if there are a million other businesses that do what you do, there is something about your location, your people, your mission that makes you stand out. Identifying that element is key to creating a video marketing campaign.

2. Solidify Your Language

This may sound odd, but within most companies there are multiple names for the same thing. Is it registration or enrollment? Are they customers, clients, or partners? It may not be a big deal within your company, as you all know what you’re referring to, but when you are creating advertisements, websites, or other materials that the consumer will see, your language needs to be consistent.

3. Know Your Mission

Every company has a mission statement, and this is where your message should come from. Are you a charitable institution? Are you trying to become a household name? Once you understand what the mission of your company encompasses, then you can begin crafting the message you will present to consumers with the intent of achieving that mission.

4. Create A Preliminary Storyboard

Now, a media services company will definitely help you hone your message and create graphics and visuals that will maximize your message, but you need to have an idea of what you want heading into that meeting. If nothing else, this will save time in the long run. You know the direction you want this commercial to go, and by communicating this to your partners you will be better able to create a commercial that is true to your company and mission.

Once you finish these steps then it’s time to create your ads. For help spreading your company’s message through television ads and more marketing ideas, contact us.