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How to Decide Which Platform Should Distribute Your Tampa Video Production

How to Decide Which Platform Should Distribute Your Tampa Video ProductionYou have a vision and our creative team at Vistamax wants to make it happen for you in every way. That also means getting your production out to the audiences you want to see it. Today’s technology makes this very easy with many different platforms on which to show your finished product but you may be wondering which platform is best for you. In many cases, multiple platforms can be best and we can help you make that happen. Use this guide to determine which platform (or platforms) is best for your finished product.

  1. Video length matters when choosing a platform. On most social media platforms, videos longer than a minute are usually passed over unless the first few seconds are compelling enough to keep the viewer hooked. Even in those cases the viewer may look at the length and decide not to click if your video is too long.
  2. Resolution is key. When it comes to mobile platforms, HD is still pretty important as most screens support at least 1080p if not higher resolution. Tablets and computer screens are usually the same or better. Vistamax uses top standard equipment on every production so no matter your platform, we have you covered!
  3. Standards and ethics are different with every platform and audience. Be sure to take a look at what’s allowed before you decide on a script and solidify your vision. Some network television and other broadcast platforms have stricter rules than others. Even if you end up with limitations from standards and ethics, Vistamax’s creative team can help you work around it and make sure your production is still stellar.

When Multiple Platforms Work Best

You may find that many of these guidelines apply to your production and that your audience is vast and even international. In these cases, multiple platforms are best and that means things can get a little complicated. One production for your campaign may not work for all platforms but this doesn’t mean you have to give up any part of your vision. Your message is unique and customized and the creative team at Vistamax can make sure that every part of it reaches your audience in exactly the way you planned.

contact us for more information on how your vision can become a reality, no matter the platform you choose to use for distribution.