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How to Create an Omnichannel Direct Response TV Campaign and Track Your Results

How to Create an Omnichannel Direct Response TV Campaign and Track Your ResultsWhen you go to a marketing blog, you’ll likely see a lot of posts about how to find the best hashtags for Twitter or the best filters for your Instagram posts. However, while direct television advertising doesn’t get as much hype, the reality is that it is still a powerful advertising medium. By using omnichannel marketing and tracking your ads, you can create high-converting campaigns.

How to Create an Omnichannel Strategy

DRTV will bring you the best results when it is used as part of an omnichannel strategy. Omnichannel, as opposed to multi-channel, refers to when various channels are used together to create one seamless experience.

An example of this would be creating Youtube videos that build on your DRTV ads. You can also create ads on Google Adwords. Many people who see a company or product being advertised on TV will do a quick Google search about it, and it will help your conversion rates if they see your ad or video in the search results.

Another example would be creating local Facebook ads to target people in the area where your DRTV ad is being displayed. If you’re focusing on offline advertising, direct mail can be sent to homes in the area.

How to Make Your Results Measurable

Unlike digital advertising, you can’t rely on automatic tracking with DRTV. It’s crucial that you make sure you are able to track your results. There are many ways to accomplish this.

You can create a special number for customers to call or text for each campaign. You can also include a special web link or promo code. You can also simply ask them where they saw your ad or which ad they saw. This will let you track which customers are coming from where.

It’s also crucial that you create high-converting video ads. For more information, contact us.