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How Florida Golf Courses Can Benefit From Video Production Services

How Florida Golf Courses Can Benefit From Video Production ServicesWith over a thousand golf courses in Florida, marketing managers may be wondering how to get the edge over the competition. The course itself is going to draw a certain number of golfers and keep them coming back, yet increasing this flow and creating a buzz is always welcome. In this regard, let’s discuss how Florida golf courses can benefit from video production services.

Methods of Using Video Production

Generally, video production for businesses centers around creating TV advertisements, yet it doesn’t have to be limited to this solely. While creating ads for local television are a great way for a golf course to reach potential patrons or members, video production can also be used for:

    • Highlighting club events
    • Storytelling/History of course or club
    • Golf lessons from Club Pros
    • Promotional introduction videos for members, guests, or new hires
    • Content for an expanding email list, social media following, and website

These are just a few ways golf courses in Florida can use video production to bring in golfers and create a buzz about their course. Really, video production is only limited by a lack of imagination, and even this can be remedied by working with innovative creative thinkers, such as those employed by Vistamax.

Videos are a great way to showcase the unique aspects of playing a golf course, as the visual element is vital for portraying the experience. Not only does video production show the beauty of a course, but also works to set and portray the tone, purpose, and meaning of the course as well. Really, there’s no better way to give potential golfers a taste of the actual experience of playing the course.

Producing quality highlight videos of the club championship and other special events at the course gives marketing managers the type of content tools needed to: share with email lists, post on social media channels, and update their websites with. Updating content frequently through these online marketing tools will create a buzz and, ultimately, work to draw new and returning golfers in.

Although local cable TV ads are still a great way to reach potential patrons, these other methods of using quality video production are also effective, especially, in the modern digital age we live in. Of course, it does matter what video production service golf courses in Florida use to achieve this buzz; Vistamax, located in Tampa, has the experience, tools, and expertise to make these video production goals come true. Please contact us today to learn more.