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A 7-Step TV Commercial Production Checklist for Your Business

How DRTV Can Work for You

How DRTV Can Work for YouDirect response television, or DRTV, is media targeted to consumers who respond directly to the company. The communication is engaged via an SMS message, a toll-free telephone number, or visiting a company’s website. DRTV is an exceptional marketing tool for generating leads, enhancing brand awareness, pumping up product sales, promoting donations, improving website traffic, compiling data, and more.

Production Is Critical

DRTV media isn’t infomercials, Trust your audience knows the difference. DRTV requires a deft touch that distinguishes your brand. When managed professionally, DRTV connects to targets and compels them to “Visit Our Website,” “Buy Now,” or “Act Now.” Best of all, viewer reaction is traceable, allowing you to collect info in real time regarding your campaign’s effectiveness.

But that’s only possible if your media is of high quality. That means campaigns that are professional and original. We’re talking about an ROI that’s more than the same material repeated ad nauseam for 30 minutes or more with a constant reminder to call every three minutes.

Brand Awareness

Even short spots can be memorable, introducing the brand and inviting the target to find the website or social media page. But that requires innovative preparation and execution. Good DRTV is best when a professional video production company is engaged. They utilize talent with industry experience and integrate production values that align with solid business growth.


Vistamax provides its clients with a wide range of production services. We deliver unique, customized, and targeted messaging that targets remember and act on. Whether you need TV or internet spots, advertising, marketing campaigns, business communications, training, or entertainment, expect high standards and out-the-box solutions.

Let Vistamax put its inventive spirit to work for your brand. Our team of talented creators is standing by, ready to communicate your vision and exceed your expectations artistically in every way.