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How Can YOU Give Your Television Advertising the Kick it Needs?


How Can YOU Give Your Television Advertising the Kick it Needs?Since integrating television into our daily lives over the past few decades we have seen an immense boom in opportunities to reach out directly to consumers. In the news, in weekly T.V. shows, and especially in our sports channels, advertising has become a part of everyone’s viewing experience. However, due to this huge increase in popularity, consumers have become bogged down by the same old approaches to ads. I would like to give you a couple of key tips to kick your advertising in the butt and grab the eyes of the audience once more.


You can spend tons of money on a celebrity, have tons of flashing lights, and the most popular songs out there but at the end of the day the script is what should really draw the consumer in to your product. Keep your main message short and to the point. Don’t drone on and on about what the consumer should think, do, or say. Entertain them and woo them before driving in exactly what you want them to know.

Hit Your Market

While you can advertise at all times of day and try to hit as wide an audience as possible – why? You know your product best of all. Most especially, you know who needs your product. So target to those consumers. Stay at home mothers? Make sure those ads are playing during the day. Working parents? Try to hit those periods around news time. There is always an opportunity to isolate your target demographic.

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