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Hospitality Industry Uses Tampa Commercial Production to Reach Feeder Markets

Hospitality Industry Uses Tampa Commercial Production to Reach Feeder Markets

Hospitality Industry Uses Tampa Commercial Production to Reach Feeder MarketsThe U.S. Travel Association notes that their industry pumps close to $30,000 into the country’s economy every second. Those funds come from more than just Americans. The astronomical total includes international travelers’ spending habits too. And as Governor Scott pointed out earlier this year, many of them are bent on coming to Florida.

Just look at the state’s latest tourism numbers and we’re sure that you’ll marvel at their size. The Tampa Tribune writer, Y.C. Hammett, reported on them last August. She noted that more than 50 million people spent time and money in the Sunshine State and we suspect the industry will continue to perform in a similar fashion this year. Thus, it would behoove any Florida tourism related business to consider investing in Tampa commercial production.

Tampa Bay’s tourism agencies have noted that the region has come to rely on several feeder markets, many whom respond favorably to television commercials. Among the region’s intrastate feeder markets are Daytona, Gainesville, Fort Myers, Naples, Ocala and Orlando. Therefore, Tampa commercial production plans should certainly include the release of television and online spots in those key markets.

How many ads should be placed per market is obviously a question that must be handled on an individual basis. But it is interesting to review how many spots the country’s top, online reservation services are buying. A recent article in Skift highlighted the industry’s biggest buyers and the agency at the top was recorded as purchasing more than 26,000 commercials last year.

We should also mention that the demographic profiles of domestic and international travels tend to remain constant across many of the feeder markets we mentioned earlier. They show that the majority of people drawn to our region tend to be 25 to 64 year old, married males who make less than $30,000 a year. So commercially produced spots should speak to those populations.

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