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Great Moments in DRTV Brought to You by Vistamax

Great Moments in DRTV Brought to You by Vistamax

How do you create a great infomercial? Let’s look at the steps involved:

1. Decide on a product or range of products. Ideally, this should the one most identified with your company, unless you want to promote a new product. Then, your infomercial should tie it back to the success your company has already experienced.

2. Decide on a format: short form or long form? Generally, the short-form spots (5 minutes and less) are best for small appliances, kitchen gadgets, or some small aspect of personal development. These should be priced under $50. Long form infomercials of up to 30 minutes should be reserved for personal care, fitness, cosmetics, and the like. The more expensive, and extensive, range of products can best be covered in the long form.

3. Decide on a production company. The company you select should be experiencedtechnically proficient, and creative with a wide range of formats.

Vistamax, located in Tampa Bay, Florida, has been producing commercials, corporate videos, documentaries, and infomercials since 1997. Our award-winning team has won applause for their work from a variety of businesses of all sizes.

What do our clients say? “Vistamax has produced over 15 individual commercials for our company over the last four years. . . . They helped select talent, worked within our budget and time constraints, and consistently produce great work. They’ve never gone over budget, never been a day late on delivery, and their commercials have produced well over $650 million in revenue for us. Needless to say, they are the only production partner we’ll ever need.” Mike Getlin, Merit Financial

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