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For a High ROI, Use Commercial Producers in Florida

For a High ROI, Use Commercial Producers in Florida

At the April, 2013, FT Digital Media Conference in London, Videology CEO Scott Ferber announced the findings of their recent brand survey in online videos. And they discovered that “online video with commercial TV ads increases brand awareness in triple-digit percentages.”

The mechanics of the survey were to track two comparable groups, one of which was shown commercially produced ads and one which was not. The subsequent difference in tracked purchases demonstrated an ROI for the advertisers that amounted to a three-to-four-point increase in percentages.

Ferber noted that the significant ROI was probably a legacy from the classic television model of capturing the viewers’ attention with a combination of sight, sound and emotional messaging. Even today, as much as 40 percent of all advertising budgets are spent on TV productions. When these ads are seen on devices such as PCs and tablets, surrounding distractions are minimized even more.

The trick is to get quality television ads produced in the first place. For over a decade, Vistamax in Tampa Bay, Florida, has been producing award-winning video commercials for large and small clients alike. No matter what the scope of the project, we give each client the maximum benefit of our team’s experience, creativity, and technical expertise.

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