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Florida Video Production: What the Heck Are Ring Lights and Do I Need Them?

Florida Video Production: What the Heck Are Ring Lights and Do I Need Them?

For some folks, Florida video production involves nothing more than amateur home videos shot with iPhones. For others, the production process is much more professional and involves the use of various pieces of equipment, like ring lights. At this juncture, you may ask, “What the heck are ring lights and do I need them?”

Our Florida video production experts are well familiar with ring lights. So we’d like to briefly answer that question for you. Ring lights, also known as ring flashes, look like oversized donuts. Only instead of being made with dough and sprinkles, these donuts are comprised of multiple flash units. They are often used in macro photography and Florida video production to either create a special look or counteract less than optimal lighting conditions.

What kind of special effects does it create? Understandably, it depends on the light and how it’s used. Some Florida video production crews and still photographers utilize the rings

Overcome Directional Lighting Problems (e.g. Softbox)for the following:

  • Create Exhaustive Detail and Stunning Contrasts
  • Halo Shadows and Diffused Lighting
  • Catch Lights and Color Washes
  • 3D Shading and Fill Flash
  • Framing or Key Lighting

Thus, they are often used in videos used to highlight performance artists, musicians, fashion models, politicians and anyone else that requires a close-up. Some film and digital crews also use ring lights to convey the emotions of a moment or draw the eye towards an object rather than a person’s face.

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