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Florida Video Production Team Celebrates the VAB’s Public Unveiling

Florida Video Production Team Celebrates the VAB’s Public Unveiling

Florida Video Production Team Celebrates the VAB’s Public UnveilingIn late May 2015, the world was introduced to the Video Advertising Bureau. It isn’t so much a new entity as it is a revised one. Prior to May 2015, our Florida video production team knew it as the Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau. So what’s changed? There is a lot that has changed but our team couldn’t be more pleased about the organization’s renewed focus on making video advertising work for everybody.

Of course with that renewed focus comes what has long been considered the Holy Grail to skilled marketers, insightful data. It’s what has been used for decades to develop target market strategies and write the full-blown marketing reports that go along with them. Consequently, in the long run, Florida video production teams will be working on projects that have been fine-tuned to a level that no one has ever seen before. Exciting isn’t it?

And there is more good news. The renewed organization has already started releasing information that we’re sure marketers will find interesting. One of them comes in the form of a PowerPoint presentation titled, Multi-Screen Insights. Our Florida video production team would like to encourage everyone to take a look at it sometime this week.

It highlights the growth of mobile video, multimedia device usage, total television viewing time and the value of live TV. In addition, the report takes a quick look at other ways American’s consume content. Examples include, but are not confined to AM/FM radio, Smartphones, DVD/Blue-Ray and game consoles. For the marketers’ sake, hopefully, there will be more data about these subjects coming out in the near future.

In the interim, our Florida video production team is eager to get to work. To learn more about what we do and why, please contact us at Vistamax® Productions at our great location in Tampa Bay today 813-907-1010.