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Florida Video Production Pros Can Help Marketers with Snapchat Campaigns

Florida Video Production Pros Can Help Marketers with Snapchat Campaigns

Florida Video Production Pros Can Help Marketers with Snapchat CampaignsOur Florida video production professionals make it a point to stay on top of news regarding content sharing platforms. So it should come as no surprise to some of our readers that one of the platforms we’ve been paying attention to is Snapchat. Initially released in the fall of 2011, it has already had some very public ups and downs. However, as a recent MediaPost article pointed out, the app’s popularity is on the upswing with some.

So who’s using the app and can it be of any real use to advertisers? That’s what our Florida video production experts were keen to know. In April 2014, TIME magazine ran a story on the numbers and Tech Crunch followed suit in August 2014. Based on those two sets of stats, it’s safe to say that it is one medium for advertisers to consider if they’re after the wallets of 18 to 25 year old smartphone users with modest incomes.

As an advertising tool, it does have its limitations though. By its very nature, messages are extremely time sensitive and the amount of editing tools are currently limited. So in theory, a company would have to be willing to forgo polished messaging as well as devote a lot of time to building and maintaining exposure. However, some businesses have been using it to temporarily drive traffic to other online sites or physical locations with coupons and other special offers. Therefore, an advertiser’s successful use of the platform will clearly depend on his or her advance expectations, integration capabilities, visual medium quality and the ability to allocate enough resources to make it all cost effective.

At Vistamax Productions, our team of professionals can help companies come up with first rate videos, animation, graphics, commercials and photography that could be incorporated into Snapchat campaigns. To learn more about how we provide firms with audio visual content solutions across multiple platforms, please contact us today