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Florida Video Production Company Weighs in on Recent Developments

Florida Video Production Company Weighs in on Recent Developments

The week of July 30, 2013, Florida’s video and film industry was abuzz with news of changes taking place in our home city of Tampa. Thus, being longstanding members of Florida’s video production industry, we thought that we’d weigh in on those developments. Here’s more:

For those that may have missed the big announcement, Hillsborough County is getting a vocal advocate by the name of Dale Gordon. Gordon, who is no stranger to most of those already involved with Florida’s video production industry, has been placed at the helm of the Tampa Hillsborough Film & Digital Media Commission. She brings with her experience gleaned from working with such industry members as the Metro Orlando Film Commission. Her newly minted mission is to bring more film and video production business to our region.

Understandably, we here at Vistamax are proponents of increasing aspiring film and video makers awareness of our fair city and its resources. Having worked in the area ourselves since the 1990s, we know what Tampa and Hillsborough County have to offer. And in our opinion, it’s well worth promoting to the world.

Those that hear Gordon’s message and wish to film in our area can count on our Florida video crews to help from start to finish. For example, we can point out all of the region’s best filming locations. Afterward, we can use our intimate knowledge of those locations to help make the day’s shoot a resounding success.

In addition, we can provide access to Hillsborough’s top on-film and backstage talent (i.e. actors, makeup artists and set designers). Other Florida video production services that Vistamax’s pros can provide include, but are not confined to creative concept assistance, script writing, pre and post production planning.

That’s just a sampling of what’s available in our beloved region. To learn more about Florida’s film and video production resources, contact us at (813) 907-1010. Like Gordon, we’d love an opportunity to expound upon all that Tampa and Hillsborough County has to offer.