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Florida Video Crews’ Tips for Surviving Summertime Shoots Outdoors

Florida Video Crews’ Tips for Surviving Summertime Shoots Outdoors

Florida Video Crews’ Tips for Surviving Summertime Shoots OutdoorsIt took our Florida video crews years of classroom and on-hand experience to develop their techniques for surviving outdoor shoots during the hottest days of summer. But all of that hard work has paid off for them and consequently, our customers too. Now we know that many amateurs would love to know their secrets and we’re always willing to share one or two. So if you’ve ever found yourself outdoors sweating bullets with a camera in one hand and a homemade fan in the other, this post is for you:

As we mentioned before, there are various ways Florida video crews go about softening direct sunlight. They include, but are not limited to using portable diffusion screens, bounce boards, assorted meter modes, ISO adjustments, umbrellas and low-contrast filters. Of course these methods may prove to be overwhelming for people with little videography or photography experience.

With that said, adjusting the position of the video camera or subject oftentimes helps matters too. Look for naturally occurring breaks in the direct sunlight, like cloud cover and shade trees. If that doesn’t work, wait for moments when the sun’s rays are not as intense. Examples include right before sunrise and sunset. Also consider using macro photography techniques that may help limit the amount of sunlight in the shot.

Remember, shooting great video or taking perfect stills shouldn’t be your sole concern. Our Florida video crews urge all amateurs to think about themselves and their talent too. When shooting outdoors during full sun, take steps to keep everyone hydrated and sunburn free. Oh, and don’t forget to have first aid supplies on hand in the event of encounters with fire ants, bees and other stinging insects.

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