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Florida Video Crews’ Tips for Nailing an On Camera Interview Segment

Florida Video Crews’ Tips for Nailing an On Camera Interview Segment

Florida Video Crews’ Tips for Nailing an On Camera Interview SegmentThere is nothing more interesting to some viewers than a compelling, on-camera interview. But great interviews like that don’t just happen. Our Florida video crew knows that excellent, on-camera dialogue and visuals are actually planned well in advance. So today, we’re sharing a few tips for nailing video interviews the first time around:

Do write out your questions and share them with the interviewee at least a week or more before the shoot. That will give everyone time to practice their annunciation, body movements and answers before the video cameras start to roll. Oh, and don’t forget to allow for pauses in between the questions and answers. This is especially crucial if you expect time delays.

Don’t ignore the background or go too crazy with the extras. After all, the focus should be on the interviewer and interviewee, not the weird painting or set behind them. If you’re stumped on what background or set dressings would be best, our Florida video crew would be pleased to offer a few suggestions.

Do keep in mind that the set isn’t the only potential distraction that must be minimized. What the interviewee and interviewer are wearing will also play into the video segment’s overall success. The good news is our video crew knows of makeup and wardrobe consultants that may help mitigate those distraction risks.

Don’t just assume that interviewers and interviewees can stand or sit wherever they want. When positioning on-air talent it is important to remember basic video concepts, like lead room, head room and the rule of three. Failure to get them right could negatively impact the video’s overall aesthetics as well as give the wrong impression about the interviewer or interviewee to the viewer.

To learn more about nailing on-camera interviews and other audiovisual productions, please contact our Florida video crew today.