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Florida Video Crews Shine a Light on Storyboarding for Novices

Florida Video Crews Shine a Light on Storyboarding for NovicesToday our Florida video crews wanted to talk about an important, old school task known as storyboarding. It is one of the first things that film students learn about in college or vocational school. However, not everyone has the luxury of taking film classes, including those currently in charge of their companies’ advertising. So, we felt it best to touch upon the topic and provide a few tips meant for aspiring creatives:

First, let’s talk about how storyboarding generally fits into the creative process. Any commercial, movie or show begins with a script. The scripts’ writers obviously have intimate knowledge of what their vision for the piece is but there are few mind readers in this world. Thus, enter the storyboard. It helps script writers, whether they’re producing an infomercial or documentary; effectively share their vision with the world. And no, creating storyboards doesn’t require an art degree or massive amount of drawing supplies.

Old school storyboard artists typically used pencils or ink and paper and that’s all. Then as technology progressed, more tools were added to storyboard artists’ toolboxes that simplified the process even more. For example, did you know that there are computer programs available that help novices point and click their way to storyboard perfection? It’s true. Among them are Storyboard Quick, Toon Boom, Power Production and Storyteller. There are also full-service, Florida video crews available who know how to use them as well.

Now that novices have an idea of what storyboards are and why they’re invaluable, let’s move on to the promised tips shall we? First and foremost, it’s vital to learn the format. Like press releases and tables of content, storyboards have their own layout. Second, outline the story frame by frame before adding in the dialog and sound effects. Sometimes it’s just easier that way. Then fill in the remaining details and review everything before passing the storyboard off to Florida video crews.

Do you want to learn more about storyboards and how Florida video crews put them to use? If so, please contact our Vistamax® pre-production team today.