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FL TV Commercial Production Company Can Help Politically Minded Groups

FL TV Commercial Production Company Can Help Politically Minded Groups

Although it may seem far away for some, Florida’s political scene has already started to gear up for the 2014 elections. For proof, one only has to look towards the Tampa Bay Times and its recent write-up about the press conference held by the Florida Press Association and Leadership Florida. They were already talking about scheduling a televised debate between candidates. Of course that means one thing for Florida TV commerical production companies. Things are about to get a whole lot busier.

Election season television commercials and live televised debates are nothing new per say. They have been around for decades. The very first TV commercial production on behalf of a candidate took place in 1952. The famous spot became known in both media and political circles as Eisenhower Answers America. The first televised debate didn’t take place until years later (1960). It was between Richard M. Nixon and J.F. Kennedy.

From there, the role of TV commercial production in politics only grew stronger. In later years, many TV commercial production companies also expanded to include the creation of internet ads and online programming. With that said, we here at Vistamax would like to remind today’s politically minded groups that we stand with our television cameras in hand, ready to work. We are willing to help create a professional TV commercial production for anyone, regardless of their political persuasion.

Our TV commercial production services are quite extensive too. For example, we can help with graphic design/animation, makeup artistry, logo treatments, web-friendly formatting and location scouting. Speaking of location scouting, we are also capable of shooting in a studio as well. In addition, we can help cover multi-camera live events like debates, conventions, campaign stops and political rallies.

To learn more about TV commercial production and how our Vistamax professionals can help, contact us at (813) 907-1010. We are also available online.