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Finding First-rate Video Production Services Remains Top Priority for Many

Finding First-rate Video Production Services Remains Top Priority for Many

According to a recent Web Video Marketing Council survey, at least 80% of America’s businesses are creating multiple videos each month as part of their firm’s content marketing plans. Those plans often include using professional video production services in lieu of DIY or crowd sourcing options.

Why would companies opt to choose professional video production services over those other alternatives? Well for starters, the quality available through unprofessional sources is often not guaranteed. And no business operating in an oligopsony marketplace wants to be the one to spend money and end up with amateurish corporate videos.

In February 2013, a study was released that indirectly showed just how much damage amateur-looking videos can cause and it was a real eye-opener. Essentially, it indicated that consumers have no patience for low-quality video content. So opting to go with an amateur production company could feasibly cost companies that choose to use questionable videos customers, brand awareness and integrity. And who wants to spend money on efforts that accomplish those three things? Personally, after spending more than a decade in the business, we don’t know of anybody that falls into that category.

Members of our professional video production company have been producing first-rate work for Florida’s businesses for over a decade. So we’ve seen firsthand the power of an expertly produced, online video versus a “hey, I got a friend with a video camera” type of productions. And we must say, professional online videos win out over DIY home movies every time. Why? Professional video production companies have the manpower, equipment, knowledge and other resources needed to take a business’ marketing idea all the way to fruition. They can also help businesses that may not know what they want find the best way to market their products too.

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