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Welcome to DRTV Video

At Vistamax, we offer a world of service to our clients, with a plethora of creative production services for cable, broadcasting and more. We have the most advanced tools in the industry and as a result our client list has grown dramatically. Vistamax is providing several clients with the use of DRTV, or Direct Response Television. This means that the company who promotes their product on television is encouraging the consumer to respond directly to them regarding the use of their product by contacting them directly or by visiting their website.

Increase the Visibility of Your Brand Name With DRTV

Those who wish to get their name out there, and increase their visibility should consider the use of DRTV. Running thousands of commercials is great, but what if you have a unique product? You need time to explain the concept, and let others hear what previous customers have had to say about your product. This is why running infomercials is effective; Infomercials are a great example of DRTV, and that is why so many companies have been successful in using it to promote their products. You can work with Vistamax to discover which type of DRTV is right for your product. Visit us at for more details.