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DRTV is Smart Strategy

DRTV is Smart StrategyA conventional television ad may look cool and position the brand, but the results are often intangible. Leads can be difficult to track, and ROI impossible to measure. In contrast, DRTV advertisements and infomercials can help inform a marketing strategy and connect a product more closely to the audience.

Results are immediate

With DRTV, when the CTA gives a URL or a phone number, you can immediately see how many leads were generated with each broadcast. You don’t have to wait for a consumer to visit a store or search for your site, measuring potential impact days or weeks later. Ads are effective right away.

Strategies are testable

With DRTV, you are just a small investment away from highly effective AB testing: tweaking your offer, your media buy, or your airtimes for maximum effect. Because the results are immediate, you can try different configurations and see what is most compelling for your customer.

Returns are measurable

With a DRTV ad, you never have to guess at the ROI of your advertising budget. You’ll never have to wonder whether your video production or media buy budget paid off in sales. Each offer generates immediate, calculable leads, with tangible outcomes. It’s easy to track and measure the success of each campaign or promotion, and present quantified results to stakeholders. Your advertising strategy can be built on specific metrics, and shaped accordingly.

DRTV advertisements connect a brand more closely to their consumer, by revealing immediate, measurable responses to products and offers. Using DRTV, a marketing strategy can be tested, shaped, refined, and leads generated accordingly. It’s the smartest way to spend your television advertising budget. Contact us today to learn more