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DRTV: Integrating Your Customer’s Social Experience

DRTV: Integrating Your Customer’s Social Experience

In the past, television viewing was an occasion for social interaction with friends and family as they were gathered together in the same room. Today, the tradition continues but in an updated version in which viewers are connected and interacting with others – around town, across the country or even around the globe – through their internet-connected TVs or by accompanying their television viewing with social media via laptops, smart phones and tablets.

Social media integration in your DRTV campaign provides a real-time avenue for optimizing and measuring viewer engagement and reaction, helps more accurately identify viewer demographics, offers insight into reasons for purchase follow-through (or lack thereof) and causes customers to view your brand as current, tech-savvy and relevant to their world.

The simple step of adding an on-screen hashtag helps customers feel more connected to your brand and encourages viewers to tweet and retweet about you.

Further, many cable providers are now enabling advertisers to tag their ads with opt-ins for email, phone calls, on-screen purchase options and other Calls-to-Action (CTA) for immediate connection and trackable response data. The value of high-quality short or long form DRTV that successfully engages current and potential customers, encourages instant contact and sustained interaction and embraces their social media universe cannot be overstated.

“Displaying the CTA on screen for one-third of the ad yields up to 80% higher response than traditional end tags.” – Direct Marketing News

Armed with the gold mine of information available to you through DRTV/social media integration, you are able to build customer loyalty and enhance their social experience while empowering you to analyze, test variations or retool to greatly improve the effectiveness of your message or product.

If you’d like to discuss how to effectively incorporate a social experience into your DRTV campaign, contact us…we’d love to help.